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Golden snub nosed monkey
Golden snub nosed monkey

The golden snub nosed monkey has fur that is rich golden brown to golden red, with a black and golden patch on its back. So, where are golden snub nosed monkeys found? The Golden snub-nosed monkey is only present in China.

It lives in coniferous montane forests where the temperature goes from below freezing in the winter to up to 25 °C (77 °F) in the summer. The body is the same length as the tail. The pale blue face resembles a trefoil. Also, the males of this species have red bumps at the corners of their mouths when they are fully grown.

Fun Facts About Sub Nosed Monkey

  • The Golden snub-nosed monkeys are part of the group of monkeys that live in the Old World. These animals have thick fur on their tails, which makes them a good place to sit. But they can’t use their tails to hang from trees or grab things. Also, their noses look like those of humans and are close to each other.
  • When they sleep, they gather together in groups. This way of sleeping helps them keep warm on nights when it’s cool. Most of the time, females and their young sleep together, while males sleep alone.
  • No one knows where their nose and other facial features came from.
  • The Golden snub-nosed monkeys are primates that make a lot of noise. People of both sexes make sounds like grunts, sighs, moans, and belches. Males and females may make different sounds, though.

For example, males of this species can be identified by their whines, which are long, hesitant cries. Females respond with squeaks and squeals. Also, females often make chucks, which are calls that sound like “ee-tcha” and are used to get attention.

  • The scientific name comes from Roxellana, who was the wife of the Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. People said that her hair was reddish-gold and that she had a flat nose.

Where Do Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Live?

Golden snub-nosed monkeys live in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, Hubei, and Shaanxi, which are all in western-central China. Golden snub nosed monkey tend to live in high mountainous, broad-leaved deciduous, and coniferous forests in this area. Most of the time, they move to lower elevations in the winter.


Behaviour of Golden snub nosed monkey

These primates live in groups. During the summer, up to 200 Golden snub-nosed monkeys gather together in large groups. Most of the time, these animals live in smaller groups of 20 to 30 monkeys during the winter. They can sometimes be seen in large groups of up to 600 people.

 These groups are made up of several smaller groups, which are made up of smaller family units with one dominant male, and about four females, and they’re young. Most of the time, these monkeys are busy in the trees, but they have been seen eating on the ground. When they feel like they are in danger, they climb high into the trees to hide.

This species mainly talks to each other through a kind of ventriloquist-like vocalisation in which they don’t move their bodies or faces. Most of the time, males and females use whines and shrills when they are feeding.

What Do Snub Nosed Monkeys Eat?

So, what does golden snub nosed monkeys eat? The snub-nosed monkey is a herbivore, so they eat a wide range of plants. Their main food sources are pine needles and young firs. They also eat bamboo shoots, leaves, buds, and fruits to make up the rest of their diet.

How Do Golden Snub nosed monkey Reproduce?

The golden snub-nosed monkey is polygynous, which means that only one male can mate with more than one female at a time. As a general rule, a receptive female is the one who starts mating by showing that they are ready in different ways. They breed all year long, but the best time is from September to November. From March to May, most babies are born.

 It takes 7 months for a female to give birth to a single baby. The baby is held and nursed by the mother for the first 20 days of life. At the age of one, the infant monkey is weaned and joins its mother’s group. When it comes to reproduction, males of this species are ready at the age of 7, while females are sexually mature at the ages of 4 or 5.

IUCN Status

So, the question arises the snub nosed monkey endangered? The Golden snub-nosed monkeys are being hunted for food on a large scale right now. This animal’s fur can be sold, and some of its body parts are used in traditional medicine. Also, whole communities have been known to round up these animals. Poachers also steal Golden snub nose monkey to sell them to zoos. And finally, deforestation and habitat degradation are causing these primates to lose their natural range.

The IUCN Red List says there are about 15,000 Golden snub-nosed monkeys worldwide. Overall, the number of Golden snub-nosed monkeys is going down, and the IUCN Red List lists these animals as Endangered (EN).

Ecological Niche

Because they eat plants, the Golden snub-nosed monkeys may have an effect on plant growth.

FAQs: Golden snub nosed monkey

How Many Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys Left 2022?

There are 8,000 and 10,000 wild golden snub-nosed monkeys, and they are not in danger of going extinct now.

Where Are Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys Found?

In central China, the golden snubbed nose monkey lives in mountainous temperate forests with both evergreen conifers and broadleaf trees that lose their leaves in the fall.

Why Are Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Hunted?

This tree-dwelling species is being hurt by deforestation, and as agriculture grows, it could lose its forest home and food sources. Poaching is also a big problem because people want to use the monkeys’ fur, meat, and traditional medicine.

Is The Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Rare?

There is only about 3,000 golden snub nosed monkey left in the wild. This makes them the most endangered primate species in the world.

What Eats A Golden Monkey?

Golden monkeys don’t have many animal predators (some bird species are an exception, but they aren’t very dangerous), so the biggest threat to their lives comes from people who set illegal traps and snares or cut down the bamboo that Golden monkeys need to live.

Can Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys Be Pets?

A snub nosed monkey can be kept in captivity, but they need a lot of care and a high level of maintenance. So if you want to keep a monkey as a pet, you should be ready to give it good care and attention. On the other hand, don’t keep them in captivity if you want to help them.

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