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Peagle is a type of dog that came about when a Pekingese and a Beagle had puppies. They are usually very loving and fun to be around, but their exact personality can change depending on how the genes from the Beagle and Pekingese mix. Based on their genes, they also look different.

Some are hairless like a Beagle, while others sport lengthy locks like a Pekingese beagle mix. And their small, round heads and drooping ears are another defining feature. They are also called Peagle Hounds sometimes. A Beagle is a great dog to adopt if you are thinking about it.

How Big Is A Peagle?

Peagles are a type of small dog. Males and females who have reached adulthood weigh between 13 and 18 pounds. Males and females both range in height from 6 to 16 inches. The size of each dog is a little different because it depends on the mix of Pekingese and Beagle genes it got from its parents.

How To Train A Peagle Dog

The level of intelligence in these dogs is very high. This makes them easier to train most of the time. Positive methods of training will work best with them. Because they are related to Beagles, many Peagles have an innate sense of how to hunt. With practice, you can sharpen your intuition and improve your talent.

Beagle owners might want to sign up for special training sessions or look for training schools to help their dogs learn to sniff and chase. Along with training the dog from a young age, it’s also important to get it used to people early on. Set up play dates with other dogs and bring your dog along so they can meet new people and see different things.


Peacocks must be active daily to stay healthy and meet their needs. You can help your Peagle get the exercise he needs by going on long walks with him or setting up playtime in a fenced-in backyard. Make sure you also have a lot of fun toys for playing inside.

Peagle Puppies

These puppies are very small and could get hurt easily if they are not cared for properly. If you bring home a small puppy, keep young children away from him until he gets stronger and they know how to act around a dog. Make sure to train and socialize a puppy as soon as possible. This will help him know what to do and what is expected of him in different situations.

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What Health Issues May Peagle Face?

It’s important to research potential health issues with a breed of dog before bringing it home. But just because the health problems listed below are more common in Peagles doesn’t mean that your dog will get all of them or even one of them. It can just tell you what to keep an eye out for.

Patellar luxation is something that could be bad for these dogs’ health. Patellar luxation is when a dog’s kneecap slips out of place while it walks. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your dog is now walking in an unusual manner. If so, you should make an appointment with the vet. In some cases, surgery may be done.

Epilepsy is something else to keep an eye out for. This is the most common long-term neurological disorder in dogs. It is a seizure disorder. When your pet dog has a seizure, it may not be able to move its body on its own. There are also other kinds of seizures to watch out for, so if you think your Peagle might be having one, you should talk to your vet.

How to Take Care of your Peagle

The Peagle is a rare and special canine. Care for your dog in advance by thinking about things like their character, diet, and exercise routine.

What Is The Best Food For Peagles?

They tend to have a small number of health problems, which is good news. So, your Peagle will probably do well on any good dog food, but finding something that reduces the risk or symptoms of knee problems caused by patellar luxation is still a good idea.

Good dog food should be given to these dogs. Talk to your vet to find the best food for your dog. Usually, the dog should eat between half a cup and one cup of food every day. Many factors, including your dog’s size, age, level of activity, metabolic rate, and health conditions, will determine the precise amount he or she needs.

The stomachs of puppies are smaller than those of full-grown dogs. This means they will have to eat smaller meals more often. Up until they are at least six months old, puppies should be fed three to four times a day. After that time, switching to just two meals a day should be fine. Talk to your vet if you don’t know the best food for your Peagle puppy or how many times a day they should be fed.

Since patellar luxation could happen to your Peagle’s kneecaps, we like that this kibble has glucosamine, which has been shown to help dogs’ joints. The brown rice in the chicken and pork recipe makes it easier for your dog to digest. It also has thiamine and pyridoxine, which are important nutrients for this dog’s nervous system and brain.


People like these dogs because they are always calm. They have a personality that makes them a lot of fun, which makes them great family dogs. They are kind to kids and like to play with them. Some Peagles take like their Pekingese ancestor and don’t take kindly to being roughed up by children. However, this is not the case for the majority of the breed.

Many Peagles don’t trust strangers as much. When they see someone, they don’t know or trust, they often bark. Some of them may also do things to try to get people or other animals to run away.

How To Groom Your Peagle

The coat and overall look of a Peagle will depend on whether it has more Beagle genes or more Pekingese genes. Some of these dogs have longer coats than others. Even though most Peagles have silky coats, it’s important to brush the dog every day or several times a week to keep its fur clean and looking its best.

Peagle Hounds are not hypoallergenic dogs, and they shed a lot. These canines require regular bathing, and keeping the region around their eyes clean is important to avoid staining.


What Is A Peagle?

The Peagle is a mixed-breed canine. Both a Pekingese and a Beagle served as his canine paternal grandparents. The popularity of this lovable small dog has skyrocketed in recent years. His personality is warm, and his intelligence is impressive. As a family man, he adores his nieces and nephews.

What Type Of Dog Is A Peagle?

The Peagle is a hybrid breed, not a true dog. It’s a hybrid of the Beagle and the Pekingese. Identifying the temperament of a mixed-breed dog requires knowledge that any combination of traits from either parent breed is possible.

How Much Is A Peagle?

You may expect to pay anything from $600 to $1,200 for a Peagle. The quality of the puppies has a significant impact on the asking price. Puppies from many breeders are given veterinary treatment, including immunizations.

Is A Peagle Hypoallergenic?

No, peagle is not hypoallergic.

How Long Do Puggles Live On Average?

About 10–15 years is the typical puggle life span.

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