Weird Animals

Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)

The Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis), also known as the spindlehorn, Asian unicorn, or, less often, the Vu Quang bovid, is one of the rarest large animals.


Paddlefish (Polyodontidae)

Paddlefish (Polyodontidae) are ray-finned fish that belong to the order Acipenseriformes. Paddlefish, like sturgeons, are not suited for aquarium confinement.


Opossum or Oppossum (Didelphidae)

Opossum is a marsupial in the order Didelphimorphia. Oppossums also occur in the Americas. It has more than 120 species in 19 genera. Learn more!

Velvet ant

Velvet ant (Mutillidae)

The velvet ant or Mutillidae is a family of wasps with more than 7,000 species. The females of this family don’t have wings and look like big, hairy ants.

Blister beetle

Blister Beetle (Meloidae)

The blister beetle is a widespread insect that thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. They usually hang out near flowering plants. Learn more!

Assassin bug

Assassin Bug (Reduviidae)

Assassin bugs are a group of insects that eat other insects. Over 3000 species of Assasin bugs exist in the world, most of which occur in North America.


Aardwolf (Proteles cristata)

Aardwolf is a mammal predator that eats insects. The aardwolf animals will look like small hyenas with stripes. Keep reading to learn more about aardwolves!

Yellow sac spider

Yellow Sac Spider (Cheiracanthium)

A yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium) is a genus of araneomorph spiders in the family Cheiracanthiidae. They are also called “yellow sac spiders. Read more!

Wolf fish

Wolf fish or Wolffish: Learn Everything!

Wolf fish or wolffish is one of the long-bodied fish species that is found in the Pacific and Northern Atlantic. Keep reading to learn more about the topic!


Toucan Bird: Know Everything Here!

The Toucan is a bird with a long beak which is native to South and Central America’s tropical woodlands. Toucans make excellent pets too. Learn more!