What should the best dog bed look like?

dog bed
Dog bed

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog beds. Varied breeds and ages of dogs have different needs. For example, you’ll need to know how old and how much your dog weighs to find the best bed for him. But you’ll also need more specific information, like how they sleep, if they get hot, if they chew things, if they pee when they’re nervous, or if they usually track mud into the house. Just like when you choose a mattress for yourself, you should consider what makes your dog most comfortable, given how much time they spend sleeping.


Some dogs sleep curled up, some like to feel like they’re in a cave or tunnel, and others, especially huge dogs or dogs with double coats, enjoy something cool and airy. No matter what their preference is, the bed you buy should help them relax, feel safe, and sleep well.

Dogs will choose their bed over the couch or a pile of clean laundry if it has a soft cover, soft bolsters, breathable fabrics, and even nooks where they can dig or hide a treat. If you don’t know which kind of bed your dog would like, watch how they act. They like your bed? Try a bed made like a cave. Do they sleep on your hardwood floors or kitchen tiles, where it’s coolest?

Get a bed that is cool. Or do they always circle and dig to try to make the perfect cup-shaped nest? Choose a bed with bolsters or one in the shape of a donut. Before you buy a new bed for your dog, you should think about what makes your dog special. If your dog takes a reward to his bed, you made the proper option. Last but not least, because dogs come in different shapes and sizes, the best beds come in more than one size, and we gave those beds more weight.


  There may be circling, digging, scratching, dragging, and a lot of plopping back and forth, which can quickly cause a lot of wear and tear.” Look for a strong base, like dense memory foam or an aluminum frame, and a cover that won’t snag, tear or get stained easily, like nylon, canvas, or microfiber. Find a bed with a cover that doesn’t get wet if you have an older dog or a puppy that has accidents often. This will protect the inner bedding from stains and smells.


Most dog beds have a foam base mattress or are filled with polyester. Memory foam beds that are solid are more supportive and come in different levels of firmness. Polyester-filled beds are fluffier and squishier, but they can still support smaller, lighter-weight dogs if packed tightly with the material. The best thing to buy is something that is firm enough to support your dog’s spine and joints but soft enough to put them to sleep.

Big, heavy dogs like Great Danes and Rottweilers need beds with extra-dense foam, so they don’t sink down to the floor. But skinny dogs who don’t have big thighs and buttocks to naturally cushion them need support with more give, like polyester fill or softer foam. If you can’t try out the bed before you buy it, words like “orthopaedic” and “overstuffed” can help you find the right one. Customer reviews will also tell you about the density and quality of the foam as a whole.


 If the dog bed you buy fits in with the rest of your apartment, you’ll be more likely to put it in the middle of your living room. And if the bed is in a room where you spend most of your time, it’s much more likely that your dog will choose to curl up there. Even though all of the beds below meet our standards for good style, some colours or patterns will work better in someone’s home than others. Because of this, we gave extra thought to beds that come in more than one colour or print.


 Your dog’s bed will get dirty no matter what you do. You might be able to clean dirty paw prints, but if you don’t get rid of urine stains properly, your pet will keep going back to the same spot to pee. If it’s hard to clean, you shouldn’t buy it. Make sure the bed you buy has a cover that can be taken off and washed in the machine or that the whole thing can be washed.

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