Can Cats Eat Apples? The Truth Is Here!

Can cats eat apples

Can cats eat apples? Everybody knows the ancient adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples can be a component of a healthy diet, thus there is some truth to this statement when applied to people. Apples are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the Western world due to their high nutrient and fiber content.

Many cat owners have wondered if their feline friends might benefit from eating apples because of their low cost, abundance, and popularity as a human food source.

If you want to know if cats can eat apples, read on!

Can Cats Have Apples?

So, can cat eat apple? Apple flesh is OK for cats to consume on occasion, but it is not an essential element of their diet. Apples are safe for cats to eat since they lack cyanide in their meat, but the stem, leaves, and seeds can be harmful. Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is hazardous to cats. Your cat would have to consume a lot of them to get a toxic dose, but even a small amount can upset its stomach.

Can Cats Drink Apple Juice?

In most cases, apple juice from the store will have a high sugar level. Moreover, homemade apple juice will still have a similar amount of sugar. There’s a wide variety of them, so it’s hard to say. Natural, homemade apple juice is probably safe in moderation, but the apple juice sold in stores is loaded with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives and should be avoided at all costs.

Are Apples Safe For Cats?

To be honest, not really. Generally speaking, cats can safely consume apple flesh. But avoid the leaves, stems, and seeds due to their cyanide content. In addition, cats are obligate carnivores. Thus cats may obtain all the nutrients they require from meat and other animal products.

So there’s no point in feeding them fruit like apples. In addition, cats shouldn’t be given apples because they contain a lot of natural sugars. These are bad for overweight cats and cats with diabetes. Apples have a lot of fiber, so eating too many of them at once might lead to gastrointestinal distress.

Can Cats Eat Dried Apples?

Even though dried apples aren’t poisonous. But you shouldn’t give them to cats. This is because they loose their water increasing the sugar content. This means that you shouldn’t give your cat any dry apples. This is especially if it’s overweight or suffering from a health condition like diabetes.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Apple?

Can cats eat apples

Now, you know can cats eat apple? Once more, the flesh of apples after cooking is typically safe for felines. Moreover, the cooking process softens the fruit so your cat has an easier time chewing and swallowing it.

However, many baked apple varieties feature additional components like cinnamon and sugar that aren’t great for felines. If you want to give your cat cooked apple, ensure it’s not too hot. Furthermore, it should be just a normal apple with no added sugars or spices.

Can Cats Eat Candy Apples?

Don’t ever feed your cat apple candy. A tiny number of these apples, which have been cooked in syrups and are very high in sugar, could be detrimental to your cat, especially if it is overweight or already has a health problem. These apples may also include other substances that are harmful to cats, such as chocolate.


Feeding Apples To Your Cat

To see if your cat would eat an apple, you can try offering a small piece to it. But you must first properly prepare the fruit. If you want to feed your cat an apple, you should wash it. After that cut off the core, and discard the peel because it is tough for cats to chew. The apple should be cut into little pieces to prevent suffocation.

Keep in mind that too much apple might cause gastrointestinal discomfort in cats. Thus, you should only give them a tiny amount at a time.

Don’t try to push your cat to eat apples if it doesn’t like them. As a general rule, cats don’t care for apples. Thus, they would rather have scrumptious cat snacks. Ensure your cat’s full and balanced cat food makes up at least 90% of its daily dietary intake. Moreover, it should never give your cat more than 10% of its dietary intake in the form of treats. You should always remember this while asking can cats eat apple or not.

FAQs: Can Cats Eat Apples?

Are Apples Toxic For Cats?

Apple flesh is ok for cats to consume, so you don’t need to worry much.

What Fruit Is Toxic To Cats?

Don’t go near Cats and dogs should not eat cherries, and grapes and raisins can damage their kidneys. Persimmons and other citrus fruits, as well as grapefruit and lemons, have connections to stomach distress.

How Much Apple Can A Cat Have?

be sure that treats only account for a maximum of 10% of their daily calorie intake. This equates to no more than a quarter of an apple or one tablespoon of apple puree each day for a typical 10-pound kitty.

Can Cats Eat The Skin Of Apples?

Keep the cat away from the apple’s core, leaves, and seeds to avoid any unpleasant consequences. While the peel shouldn’t be dangerous, it may be simpler to digest for your cat if you remove it.

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